Pre-Conference Workshops

Single Workshop: $295; Full Day Workshop: $495

Morning Sessions

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
9:00am - 12:00pm

Understanding and Managing Copyright in the 21st Century
Copyright provides the legal underpinning which assures compensation for the creators of intellectual property and protects their innovations. Since rights and rights management are at the heart of today's publishing business and they are  getting increasingly complex, it is becoming more important every day for publishers to understand the rights they own, the changing environment in law and practice surrounding their licensing and use, and to make informed decisions about when to capitalize on the benefits of automation and when the manual management of rights and permissions that has characterized most publishers' practices still makes sense.

With the number of rights licensing opportunities mushrooming thanks to digital change creating new ways to combine and use content, it has become more important than ever that publishers be aware of all the possible ways to streamline and automate this work.

In this workshop, Copyright Clearance Center, which is America's not-for-profit reproduction rights organization, will bring experts to help publishers understand best practices for rights acquisition, licensing, and management.

Michael Healy, Executive Director (Author and Publisher) relations, Copyright Clearance Center
Skott Klebe, Project Evangelist, Copyright Clearance Center
Glenn G. Pudelka, Senior Associate, Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP
Christopher Kenneally, Director, Business Development, Copyright Clearance Center

Driving Discoverability, Engagement & Sales in Publishing
Effective marketing for Publishers and Content Developers in today’s connected world has become more difficult. Too many channels, too many platforms, and too many quickly changing environments to successfully keep pace. 

And few industries are facing more challenges than the publishing industry.  Getting your product found, convincing browsers to purchase, and using all channels to drive discovery and revenue has become harder and harder, but the opportunities are also becoming larger and larger.

In this workshop, we will guide you through the steps you need to take now to move the marketing needle and how to go from Discovery to Revenue to Loyalty, and create a marketing ecosystem that drives sales.

Murray Izenwasser, Strategy Practice Lead Founder, Biztegra

Beyond Books - New Opportunities for Growth
Identifying and creatively leveraging new ways to generate and increase revenues for book brands. Understanding how to expand your brand into new worlds has never been more important than in the current digital world--especially for publishers. This session will focus on practical, real world examples from people who are successfully identifying and creating new revenue streams for book brands! Our goal is to provide participants with information they can use immediately to increase their own bottom lines.

Cynthia Cleveland, Partner, Broadthink
Nancy Cushing-Jones, Partner, Broadthink
Alison Norrington, Founder, storycentralDIGITAL


Afternoon Sessions
Tuesday, January 15, 2013
1:30pm - 4:30pm

Bust a Move: The No-BS Approach to Building Engaged Communities with Social Media
Attendees can look forward to learning more than just the basics of “you should have a Twitter and do some tweets” followed by “because.” There are real reasons why you should be actively engaged in social media. Seldom-discussed topics will include:

  • Building the Author Online: Because it all begins with the writer.
  • Voice: Who determines it, who maintains it, and why your intern shouldn’t run your Twitter.
  • Visual Sharing: In the age of Pinterest and Facebook, text just isn’t enough.
  • Book Trailers: Are they still relevant (yes), how to measure success (and failure).
  • Incorporating social media into office culture, having a social company
  • Measuring ROI and Conversion Rates: It can be done! 

Rebecca Joines Schinsky, Associate Editor & Community Manager, Book Riot
Eric Smith, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, Quirk Books

How to Create the Content Your Audience Desperately Wants, But Doesn’t Know to Ask For
This workshop shows you specific ways to understand exactly what your audience wants, and how to translate that knowledge into compelling content. Whether you are creating books, a product strategy, or content for marketing campaigns, you will learn how to do deep research and analysis.

Dan Blank, Founder, We Grow Media

eBook Production: Covering All the Bases
In this workshop, a panel of eBook production professionals will walk you through the essential questions, processes, and information you need when developing and perfecting your eBook workflows and production plans.

Joshua Tallent, Founder/CEO, eBook Architects
Colleen Cunningham, eBook Developer, F+W Media
India Amos, eBook Developer, F+W Media
Iris Febres, eBook Developer, F+W Media
Naomi Kennedy, Senior Digital Production Associate, Penguin Group USA

Single Workshop: $295; Full Day Workshop: $495


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