Authors Launch is CANCELLED for 2013.

Sorry For the Inconvenience.

Friday, January 18, 2013
New York Hilton, New York City

Authors Launch is a full-day conference designed to help authors establish a platform for their content, grow awareness of their work, and ultimately drive book sales.

Presented by Michael Cader and Mike Shatzkin of Publisher’s Launch Conferences, the initial Authors Launch, in partnership with Digital Book World, will take place on Friday, January 18, 2013 immediately following the 2013 Digital Book World Conference + Expo. This new event gives authors a dedicated day of their own as part of what has become trade publishing’s most important digital education week of the year.

At Authors Launch, authors will learn:

  • How to establish, manage, and maximize their brand through blogging, social media, video, and other online tools and channels
  • How to develop, maintain and monitor audience engagement
  • Strengths and weaknesses of social media platforms and marketing channels (including book clubs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) for different categories of work
  • How to manage and measure efforts for best return from time invested in specific marketing strategies
  • When, why, and how to hire additional marketing and publicity help
  • Tips to develop a practical SEO strategy
  • And more, including media training and email list management, best practices for using audio and video, getting and dealing with reviews, and working with publishers and other marketing partners to coordinate a book launch.

In one day, authors will discover how to harness online tools and make the best use of their time, knowledge, and capabilities to build a brand, platform and community.  A variety of publishers and independent experts will share their expertise and discuss how authors can most effectively work with their publishers to cultivate reader support and translate social media and online connections into book sales.

Authors Launch Full Day Workshop: $495

Authors Launch / Digital Book World Package: $825



The Business of Books in 2013: The state of the publishing industry and the changing nature of the author-publisher relationshipp

Publishers Launch co-founders Michael Cader and Mike Shatzkin will take a look at the book publishing industry landscape today – the outside factors affecting change, shifting reader expectations, and how publishers and authors are responding. They’ll pay special attention to what all of this means for writers and take a look forward to see where books might be headed in the future.

Michael Cader, Founder, Publishers Marketplace
Mike Shatzkin, Founder, The Idea Logical Company


Book Marketing Today: A Suggested Framework

The mainstream web rudely rearranged the book world, pushing it toward new and often uncomfortable technologies, partners, formats, and ways of selling and marketing. Battles ensued between believers in the value of new tactics and those who felt the practices of “making” books held steady. Book marketing has managed to adapt. But it has done so slowly, often in fits and starts, and with decidedly mixed feelings and results.

Simultaneously, a long-standing refrain of authors and agents has grown louder: “My publisher isn’t doing enough for the book.” Publishers are often forced to respond with the impressive list of promotions being run, in the hopes that the author will remain happy, allowing the publisher to move on. This dynamic, while hardly universal, is prevalent and less-than-ideal.

In this presentation, former Random House marketing exec and all-around digital wonk Pete McCarthy will show that while effective campaigns are more possible today than ever, they requires alignment and insightful collaboration. To this end, he will suggest a framework – one designed to help authors and publishers better define and execute winning marketing strategies.

Peter McCarthy, Founder, McCarthy Digital


Communicating Your Purpose: Developing and Managing an Effective Author Brand

"Branding is... about communication. Effectively understanding your own purpose, that of your audience, and the ways to connect the two," writes Dan Blank of WeGrowMedia. Dan has worked with hundreds of authors and leading book and journal publishers like Workman, Perseus Books Group, Library Journal, Springer, and F+W Media. In this presentation, he will cover the basics of establishing an author identity, building a brand, and connecting to an audience of readers.

Dan Blank, Founder, WeGrowMedia


On the Launchpad: What to Do (and What Not to Do) Before Your Book Launch

International bestselling author and book marketer MJ Rose and co-author Randy Susan Meyers will share invaluable tips and techniques for authors working toward a successful book launch. They'll highlight common mistakes (many from their own experiences) and identify best practices for coordinating with publishers and other marketing partners.

MJ Rose & Randy Susan Meyers, Authors of "What to Do Before Your Book Launch"


Using Your Most Limited Resource: How to Make the Best Use of Your Time Online

In this session, a panel of seasoned book marketers from major publishing houses will discuss the best approach to the vast (and ever-growing) list of online channels and platforms. From blogging and email newsletters to bookclubs and social media, how should authors handle the increasing demands on their time and bandwidth? Nobody has time for everything, and this session will help identify who should do what, where to focus, and where different sorts of books and authors work best.

Moderated by Mike Shatzkin, Founder, The Idea Logical Company
Matt Baldacci, VP, Associate Publisher, St. Martin's Press
Rachel Chou, Chief Marketing Officer, Open Road Integrated Media
Rick Joyce, Chief Marketing Officer, Perseus Books
Jennifer Weltz, Literary Agent, VP, Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc.


Morning Break


5½ Habits of Successful Author SEO

Lisa Faith Phillips is an expert in digital marketing and advertising and currently is Director of Digital Strategy and Development at Hachette Book Group. Lisa will tell authors what they need to know about keywords, search algorithms, and search engine optimization, and she’ll provide actionable tips, insights, and resources for authors to track and improve their own discoverability.

Lisa Faith Phillips, Director of Digital Strategy and Development at Hachette Digital


Do You Measure Up? A practical (and Sane) Approach to Metrics and Analytics for Authors

Followers, friends, connections, and subscribers. Page views, opens, and click-thrus. Likes and comments. Ranks and lists. There are a seemingly endless number of metrics by which an author might track and analyze their marketing efforts. What matters? And how much time is it all really worth? We will outline an approach for authors looking for useful analytics to inform their brand management and marketing strategies. We’ll demonstrate what the numbers really mean and show how to extract the most value without getting too lost in the data.

Matt Schwartz, VP, Director of Digital Marketing and Strategy, Random House Publishing Group


In the Public Eye: Media Training for Authors

Porter Anderson is an actor by training, and a journalist by trade. With a long and varied history in print, broadcast, and digital media, Porter knows how to present a polished message and a confident public image. He'll offer practical advice for authors in this crash course on public speaking, interviewing, and communicating effectively through the media.

Porter Anderson, Journalist and Critic, Porter Anderson Media/Writing on the Ether


Reaching Passionate Readers: Getting the Most out of Goodreads

With more than 11 million members, Goodreads is the world’s largest social site dedicated to readers and book recommendations. Through their Author Program, authors can manage their own profiles on the site, add content, engage with readers, and promote their books. Goodreads will join Authors Launch to highlight the best practices for using the site and getting reviews, and they will help authors maximize the exposure and marketing power Goodreads has to offer.

Patrick Brown, Director of Community, Goodreads


Lunch Break


Calling in the Reserves: When and Why to Hire a Publicist and Other Help, What to Look For, How to Evaluate Them, and How to Tell if They’re Doing a Good Job

Nobody is good at everything, and even the most capable of authors sometimes need a little help. But how do you know when you should hire a professional PR rep, publicist, or independent book marketer to boost your efforts? And how do you find the right match? Jason Allen Ashlock of Moveable Type Literary Agency has vetted independent book publicists and other marketing help for his authors to be able to offer trusted and recommended options. He'll outline what to look for and what to be wary of, and he'll provide some guidelines for knowing when (and when not) to call in the pros.

Jason Allen Ashlock, President, Movable Type Management


Develop Your 360 Marketing Strategy: Piecing it All Together

This panel of leading book and author marketing experts will synthesize the day’s information, discussing and debating the fascinating, complex, overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes controversial aspects of marketing in 2013. Their session is intended to present authors a crystal clear vision of inbound and outbound marketing strategies and tactics along with specific ways the approaches might be used to outsize promotional efforts.

The panel will cover realistic best practices including:

  • tips, tricks, and techniques for successful blogging
  • how to cultivate fan-bases across digital networks
  • when and how to employ audio and video
  • obtaining online reviews and guest blogging slots
  • ensuring that multi-environment search is optimized
  • maximizing the complementary nature of online and offline efforts
  • choosing the right ad mix
  • making the most of analytics tools and data to evaluate success and inform strategy
  • other topics tailored to the day’s events

By the end of the session, authors will have the insight they need to decide what’s right for them, change the conversation, innovate, collaborate, and ultimately connect themselves and their works with readers in new, effective, amazing ways.

Peter McCarthy, Founder, McCarthy Digital
Jane Friedman, VQR Web Editor and blogger at
Meryl Moss, Founder/President, Meryl L. Moss Media Relations
David Wilk, Booktrix


Audience-Centric Marketing: Knowing Your Vertical and Finding Your Audience

For this session, authors will be divided into groups by the category of their work: genre fiction (romance, sci-fi/fantasy, crime/mystery); literary fiction; topical non-fiction (history, politics); instructional non-fiction (personal finance, crafts); and picture books

Our marketing experts will help authors understand how to engage in the right conversations and build a reputation in the right communities for their work. They will cover the strengths and weaknesses of different social media platforms and marketing channels (including book clubs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) depending on the content and the category of the work.

These will be run as discussion groups, and attendees will be encouraged to speak up, share their own experiences, and ask questions.


Afternoon Break


Best Practices for Audio and Video

David Wilk and Meryl Moss will cover tools, techniques, and best practices for incorporating podcasting and videos into your marketing efforts. They’ll outline the basic ins and outs of producing and distributing audio and video, the best platforms to use, and how to create a quality product that will engage your readers and complement the rest of your marketing strategy.

David Wilk, Booktrix
Meryl Moss, Founder/President, Meryl L. Moss Media Relations

Maximizing and Managing Your Brand

Dan Blank will follow up his main stage presentation with a deeper look at how to develop your author brand and create consistent messaging to better align with your target readership. Your audience has preexisting needs and a worldview long before they hear about or read your book. Dan will outline what you need to do to tap into what your audience might be looking for information, inspiration, an escape, a solution, a good story and how to make sure they know what value you represent to them as an author.

Dan Blank, Founder, We Grow Media

Owning and Growing Your Audience: Successful reader communication and community building

Successful audience development represents an investment in your lifelong career as an author. Jane Friedman, who helms the successful, will lead this session to help authors find and nurture readers on platforms and channels that they own. She’ll cover permission-based communication, managing and monitoring your website, creating an effective email newsletter, and integrating your owned platforms with social media and other online communities you may frequent. She will focus on how to understand your readers and how to customize your approach to build on existing relationships and to match the level of each reader’s engagement.

Jane Friedman, VQR Web Editor and blogger at

Understanding Copyright, Fair Use, and Permissions for Authors

Authors must deal with rights in two contexts. Their publishers often require them to clear any content being used from an outside source, from song lyrics to excerpts from articles or books. And they exploit their own content outside the protection of the copyrighted work itself in order to market themselves and their work.

In this session, Copyright Clearance Center—the not-for-profit rights and permissions expert in the United States—will spell out the information authors need to meet both of these challenges.

Chris Kenneally, Director, Business Development and Author Relations, Copyright Clearance Center

Best Practices for Agents

As authors learn to better market and promote themselves in a digital world, so too must agents work to better support, and even direct, their authors' efforts. To what extent can or should agents help manage social media, build author websites, or hire marketing and publicity support? Is a more expansive representation model advisable and sustainable?  Agents are invited to join Jason Allen Ashlock in a discussion of how best to advise, direct, and serve their authors.

Discussion led by Jason Allen Ashlock, President, Movable Type Management

Beyond the Usual Social Media Suspects: New tools and services to build your platform and connect with your audience

Every author knows that being on Facebook and Twitter is essential.  But what about other less well-known avenues? Beyond the usual suspects, what are other online tools you can use to create high-end author videos, websites, or group chats?

Jaimee Callaway of The Perseus Books Group will focus on the Unusual Suspects of social media and online outreach and talk about when and why they are important.

Jaimee Callaway, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Perseus Books Group

Working with Your Publisher

What does the house provide? What's best done by the author? What’s the best way to collaborate and build on each other’s efforts?

This session will take a closer look at the marketing synergies between publisher, author, and independent partners. It will examine the approach for authors and publishers to strategize with one another, create a transparent marketing plan with clearly defined roles, and work together creatively and practically to sell more books.

Lucinda Blumenfeld, Lucinda Literary

Agents in attendance will be invited to use this time to discuss “best practices” for guiding authors on marketing. We will provide a dedicated space and designate a couple of agents to lead that discussion.


Closing Remarks

Authors Launch Full Day Workshop: $495

Authors Launch / Digital Book World Package: $825